Heated- Blankets, Pads & Orthopaedic Aids

Made for all Types of Body Pain.

Pain, somehow, has become an inherent part of our lives. We all suffer from one or the other kind of physical pain, and we all look for ways to make the pain go away. Bringing in our range of heat modalities that will help you resolve your body aches and pains in a jiffy, from the comfort of your home.

Orthopeadic Electric Heating Pads

Asist Heating Pad targets the specific area as per the preference of the patient. Heat is a great pain killer as it leads to an increase in the blood flow around the painful area, which directly leads to tissue healing and faster pain relief. Asist Heating Pad targets the specific area with desired heat. We offer atleast eight different models of heating pads with variation in sizes, material, comfort, price etc.

Orthopeadic Rehabilitation Aids

Asist is the only manufacturer in india who manufactures complete range of Heated Rehabilitation Products, like Lumbar Support Heating Belt, Knee Heating Belt, Cervical Heated Collar, Frozen Shoulder Heating Pad. User can set up a desired temperature with the comfort of Fur inside for utmost comfort.

Electric Heating Blankets

Asist Heating Blanket works on a simple principle that heat therapy is best suited to cure the most common ailments as compared to other medicinal treatments. This makes it a revolutionary way to sleep and heal, at the same time.
Electric under blankets are carefully designed to provide uniform and gentle warmth, day and night. It is a perfect companion during intolerable cold winter weather. It will provide long-term cost-efficient comfort. This product is exclusively designed for warming the bed and requires up to 30 minutes to reach optimum temperature.

Our Products

We at Asist Health Care firmly believe, in developing indigenous products with world class and high safety standard features. Our Products come with a warranty of up to 5 years for any defects. Products are designed in a manner that the electricity consumption is reduced by 90% as compared to other heating devices.

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