Asist Products

Range of Orhtopeadic Heating Blankets, Pads and Aids.

Heating Blankets

Introducing a “New Sleeping Concept”

Our Electric Heating Blanket works on a simple principle that heat therapy is best suited to cure the most common ailments as compared to other medicinal treatments. This makes it – a revolutionary way to sleep and heal, at the same time.

Asist electric heated blankets are meant for healthy people as well. Imagine sleeping on warm Cosy Bed on a chilly winter night. The medical benefits are just one of the few aspects for buying an electric blanket.

Heating Pads

Our Heating Pads are flexible in nature, operates on 220-250 volts (AC), and are available in the different sizes. It can be easily wrapped around body parts. The electric heating pad is provided with built in Snap-On-Off thermal Chip which automatically cuts off after reaching the set temperature. Gradual and comfortable temperature rise along with desired variation in heat levels makes it a must for every house hold. Our Heating Pads are light weight, handy, durable, long life and economical.

Professional Series Heating Belts

This is a Professional series of New Generation Orthopedic Rehabilitation Heating products. These products are clinically proven to be target-specific, provide fast-acting relief, contour entirely to the specific painful areas.

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